Vedic Lunar Scope: Hasta 31st August, 2011 – The Healing Balm

Big Mac Communion

‘A Big Mac – the communion wafer of consumption.’ – John Ralston Saul

Until the addiction to Mass Consumption is broken, there can be no Freedom. The concept of Liberty put forth by the Power-Mongers is an Illusion meant to hypnotise the masses into Slavery and Bondage to Corporation, toiling daily in the Government Salt-Mines in order to pay Taxes to keep the Elite Gravy Train rolling freely down the track. A false sense of security supports the trance. Yet, when discomfort ensues and inconvenience threatens the spell is broken. The World on which we live is designed to support its inhabitants. The vices of Greed and Rampant Materialism are the driving forces behind Cataclysm. Restraint and Altruism apply the Healing Balm.

True Freedom comes to those who seek the Inner Wealth of Deepening Self-Knowledge. Astrology, the Language of the Universe, holds the key. Please consider a Telephone Consultation with Authentic Man. Through so doing, you can assist in the Mission of Awakening Awareness.

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