Vedic Lunar Scope: Hasta 21st August, 2012 – The Soul Unleashed

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

Like a child, consciousness must be nurtured. It requires our attention. We must be loyal to its development. Along the path, we will naturally meet with impediments to our ‘success’. Yet, we judge these obstructions harshly when we see them as anything other than part and parcel of our prosperity. Without them, determination could not deepen and the pure strength of the Soul would not be unleashed. Remain vigilant and devoted. We are now offering a FREE month’s subscription to our Authentic Subscriber Service, when you avail yourself of a therapeutic and enlightening 1 Hour Telephone Consultation with Authentic Man. Our Monthly Subscriber Service comprises a 15 Minute Personal Audio Report provided every week based upon your COMPLETE Personal Astrology, NOT just your Sun Sign, with the initial report provided within 48 hours of your Subscription; plus, a twice yearly 50% discount on our 1 Hour Telephone Consultation price. For more information, please Click Here. Together, we are stronger.

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