Vedic Lunar Scope: Full Moon in Ashlesha – Eternally Elusive Perfection

Photo by Plutonian Chronicles

We can easily become obsessed with creating a state of perfection, trying to find a balance between two things, or even people, which may be totally irreconcilable in their essence. Perfection, in this case, becomes a matter of perception. If instead a willingness is adopted to drop as many preconceived notions about how things should ideally be and accept them as they are, it becomes apparent that a State of Perfection has been existent all along. Equilibrium exists even within conflict. Quite often, all that is necessary to obtain it is a willingness to agree to disagree, thereby respecting diverse points of view. Where the mind is confused over choice, or consumed by concern over possible outcomes, it may be time to step back from a situation in order to witness it more clearly.

Authentic Man

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