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Vedic Lunar Scope: Dhanishtha 7th October, 2011 – Golden Slumbers

Corporate Slave

‘Golden slumbers fill your eyes.’ – The Beatles

For far too long the People have been lulled into a Golden Slumber, dreaming of Material Acquisition and chasing after the Illustrious Golden Goose. The ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ myth has become equated with the Pursuit of Monetary Gain. Now it is time for the Real Story to be told. Financial Lust can never bring True Contentment. One only lives in servitude to its attainment and is sold out. Those who benefit from the continuance of this Illusion have brainwashed and manipulated minds to create Robotic Taxpayers enslaved to the ‘Gravy Train’ which feeds the Body Politic and Corporate. It is now time for a new Emancipation Proclamation and an awakening to True Prosperity.


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