Vedic Lunar Scope: Dhanishtha Full Moon 13th August, 2011 – From this Moment Forth

Primarily, it is a matter of Individual Choice. The pursuit of a path based on selfishness and a limited view of personal gain ultimately leads to a fall. But, with recognition that a Different Path can be chosen respectful of the impact of actions upon others, Conscious Awareness and Universality are gained. Both ways involve conflict and challenge. But with the latter, the result is Eternally Rewarding. Whereas with the former, the pleasure experienced must always perish. From this Moment forth, choose wisely.

Universality is the Foundation of our Mission at Authentic Astrology, where we approach Astrology as the Universal Language spoken directly to the Soul to Awaken It to Its Destiny.You can help us to Spread the Word by downloading and sharing our Promotional Flyer. To do so, please Click Here.

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