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Vedic Lunar Scope: Dhanishtha 12th May, 2012 – The Self-Limiting Mirror

Authentic Man

Respect for individuality is key to the functionality of a relationship of any type. Expecting the other party to think as we do is tantamount to wishing they were not another human, but instead us. In other words, we might as well be alone and striving for the same goal in isolation. But if we desire to work with another, a recognition that each person has the propensity to bring unique gifts to the situation can only lead to prosperity. Where there may be a disagreement today, strive to honour the difference rather than trying to force your opinion upon another. You may just see things from a different perspective, and actually appreciate that you do. We are approaching the exactitude of the third Grand Earth Trine in just as many months. A few days later, there will be a Solar Eclipse in Gemini. The paradigm is necessarily shifting. And, in the lives of each of us, there is a sense of moving on. To understand the full impact of this unique Astrological Climate, please consider a Telephone Consultation.

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