Vedic Lunar Scope: Bharani 27th February, 2012 – On Lightened Wings

Authentic Man

When undergoing a major life transition, it is sometimes hard to trust that we are doing the right thing when taking certain measures in order to create change. We long for that period in the past when we once felt secure. But, the fortress which once protected us is no longer the same bastion of security that it once seemed to be. When it is time to let go, holding on is senseless no matter how tempting it is to try. The past standard of existence becomes a weight encumbering our wings as we strive to fly to our Liberation. It is now time to relinquish the past and be free. We will soon be under the influence of a powerful planetary alignment, known as a Grand Earth Trine heralding massive transformation. All of our lives will be deeply impacted in one manner or another. If you would like to understand the potential of this profound aspect on your Personal Astrology, please consider one of my Telephone Consultations. For more information, please click here.

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