Vedic Lunar Scope: Bharani 25th March, 2012 – A Greater Force

Authentic Man

Why would we wish to further our own suffering? Seems inane, does it not? Rather than accept an opportunity to liberate ourselves from bondage, instead we resist change. We cling to the past, its dogmas and ideals as if they were the last vestiges of security we could trust. When instead, a New Way, though uncertain, offers more substantial stability. And so it goes, thankfully so, that a force greater than our own obstinacy shatters our paradigm in a flash, and we are left with no other choice. You can empower yourself now by meeting destiny halfway. Choose wisely. A week of revelation is upon us as we approach a tense aspect between the Sun and Pluto. To understand the impact this alignment will have upon your Complete Astrology, please consider one of my In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports. By ordering now, you can follow up with a One Hour Telephone Consultation at a 33% discount. For further information, or to avail yourself of this opportunity, please email me at authenticastrology@gmail.com.

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