Vedic Lunar Scope: Bharani 19th May, 2012 – Embark

Authentic Man

We are going through a painful period of time on the planet. But it is also one of profound opportunity if it is approached with awareness. One cycle of our existence is coming to a close. But, it was high time that it did, for its continuance would only be self destructive. To cling to it would be useless, senseless and ignorant. We would be complicit to our own demise through doing so. We stand on a threshold with an opportunity to give birth to something new. But, we must work together to find a New Way. The path is long and arduous, but the destination is enriching. Embark. A Solar Eclipse in the sign of Gemini approaches 21st May GMT. We are each being faced with both a decision and an opportunity. But first, we must confront our deepest fears in order to find our greatest strength. For support with this process, please consider either an In-Depth Personalised Audio Report or a Telephone Consultation.

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