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Vedic Lunar Scope: Bharani 14th October, 2011 – Prosperity’s Raging Flame

You can blow out a candle.
But you can’t blow out a fire.
Once the flames begin to catch,
the wind will blow it higher. – Peter Gabriel

Disillusionment heralds Awareness. Dissatisfaction builds and breeds Innovation which in turn fosters Determination and Rebellion. Minds and Hearts cannot live enslaved, ‘ere they long for Liberation. Revelation and Realisation brew a Tumultuous Concoction, the Remedy for Mental Malaise and Dumbness of Discernment. What has now begun cannot be undone. The momentum is building and certainly Tenacity shall topple the Intolerable and supplant the Oppressive with the Righteous and True. Days of Prosperity approach for those whose Eyes dare bear Witness to Wisdom.


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