Vedic Lunar Scope: Ashwini 4th September, 2012 – Encumbered Insanity

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

Without Awareness, the strength of our Soul becomes buried under the weight of the intellect. We respond to stimuli in fear-driven manners searching for an immediate response, existing only in a state of duality. Although quite common, this condition is not natural and is a severe illness curable only by right perception. Illusion prompts us to respond with insanity and impetuosity. Lucidity fosters patience, reflection and insight. Take time today for measured and proper response.

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Authentic Astrology has a dream. We dream of a time when the concept of Money is considered as barbaric and inhuman as slavery. We have a dream, and we will work to create its reality. To understand more about Authentic Altruism, please click here.

We are called to play the good Samaritan on life’s roadside, but that will be only an initial act. One day we must come to see that the whole Jehrico road must be changed so that men and women not be constantly beaten and robbed as they make their journey on life’s highway. True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar. It comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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