Vedic Lunar Scope: Ashwini 17th May, 2012 – The Cornerstone of Reality

Authentic Man

There are times when the only way to create greater stability and security is by first facing our fears and insecurities head on. We all like to feel strong and at the helm of our own ship. But, sometimes the foundation that we lay in order to create this sense of fortitude becomes the cornerstone of a tower in which we hide ourselves from the Light of Truth. When Truth finally vanquishes and destroys our false fortress, we are vulnerable and unable to recognise that we are being liberated. Courage is now called for. But base it upon reality and not delusion. A tense aspect between Jupiter and Pluto now limits expansion by confronting us with fear. The Solar Eclipse in Gemini is calling for a decision to be made. Choose wisely by first having a Telephone Consultation.

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