Vedic Lunar Scope: Ashwini 14th June, 2012 – The Prideful Sun

Authentic Man

If we never experienced a challenge to our security, would we ever step outside of our comfort zone? How could we ever learn? There is much wisdom to be gleaned from the Cosmos. We experience both a day and night. There is an element of heat related to the Sun, and coolness to the Moon. If the Sun shone for more than it’s natural share, how parched would the Earth become? Isn’t it interesting how at a time when we are confronted with global warming, we are also facing a crisis of pride? Learn when to cool down and how to let go. A balance can be found. An intensity builds as a change becomes both necessary and inevitable. As part of the process, an illusion is sure to be shattered. Pluto and Uranus form an aspect of intensity. So, too, do Jupiter and Neptune. Understand the impact of this profound Celestial Climate upon your own Personal Astrology through a Telephone Consultation.

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