Vedic Lunar Scope: Ashlesha 5th March, 2012 – Ruffled Feathers

Authentic Man

When our feathers are ruffled, the first impulse is to strike while the iron is hot. But, it is not always wise to follow this feeling. A similar case for caution and discernment arises when we recognise what appears to be an opportunity.  If the initial spark disturbs your equilibrium, then there is a strong possibility that judgement will be clouded. However, if it stirs your soul to the depths, then the moment is right for action. Are you acting from intuition and instinct? Or are emotions and intellect guiding your actions? True wisdom arises from within, organically and without force. Wait for it and your actions will be blessed. The potential for change is immense over the next ten days as we build to the climax of the Grand Earth Trine in mid-March. To avail yourself of the opportunity this aspect has to offer, please consider my in-depth ‘3 Questions Audio Report’ where you will find out about the impact of this intense aspect upon your Complete Personal Astrology, and much more. For more information, please click here. For further Astrological Insight, you can now follow me on Facebook.

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