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Vedic Lunar Scope: Ashlesha 11th January, 2012 – Vista of Sensation

Neptunian Blue

The Pursuit of Sensory Gratification through Mass Consumption is a quest that can never be  fulfilled. Desire may be temporarily satiated only to build once more to a tempestuous frenzy. Certainly, life bears gifts of Contentment and Pleasure. These are not to be refused. Instead they should be deeply welcomed, celebrated and appreciated. But, all things in this Realm of Being are Temporal by nature. As they function within Time and Space, at some point they must also pass. True satisfaction of the Senses comes from the pursuit of Deepening Awareness in an ever evolving relationship with the Soul. In such a manner one becomes Self-Sensory, experiencing an ever widening Vista of Sensation, rich in hue and vast in intensity.


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