Vedic Lunar Scope: Ardra 23rd May, 2012 – The Ebb and Flow of Prosperity

Authentic Man

When we try too hard, we become an obstacle to progress rather than a friend to success. We become overly active on a mental and emotional level, which in turn causes us to exert more effort on the physical scale than may actually be necessary for the realisation of our goals. When our actions flow freely from the Soul, then naturally we are in harmony with the flow of prosperity, rather than being washed away by its ebb. Today, you can accomplish more through simply ‘being’ rather than intensively ‘doing’. We are in a powerful time between two eclipses. It is a profound moment for the deepening of Self-Awareness. Learn how to make the most of this potent opportunity through a Telephone Consultation.  Read our Testimonials Page.

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