Vedic Lunar Scope: Ardra 18th July, 2012 – The Calm of the Storm

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

It is often only when the storm has ceased that we are able to witness with greater clarity the fertility borne upon the rain, wind and thunder. Similarly, it is only whether obsessive nature of the mind has calmed that we are able to understand with greater luminescence. It is disruptive to try to control our environment in order to safeguard security. The only way to progress lies in the harmony of acceptance. it is only from such a space that your attempts at transformation of an uncomfortable situation can be successful. Authentic Man is currently scheduling In-person Consultations in Seattle, Washington. All Consultations will be offered at a 10% discount to the usual 1 hour Telephone Consultation price of $80. If you are interested in scheduling, please contact me either by email at authenticastrology@gmail.com, or if you prefer, call direct at (503) 388-9131.

For more information on the Consultations which I offer and my approach to my Astrological Counselling work, please refer to our website by following the link below. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

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