Vedic Lunar Scope: Ardra 16th July, 2012 – Devotion or Self-Deception?

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

Devotion provides the impulse for the pursuit of Spiritual Evolution. Yet, there is a very fine line between devotion and over-zealousness. Once that threshold is crossed, it is difficult to retract our steps. Insecurity, when approached with awareness, can be the precursor to a shift towards Higher Awareness. But, a leap of faith is required. Quite often, out of a sense of fear, we attempt to avoid the transformation by clinging to a familiar belief system out of a hope that it will continue to provide comfort in the midst of chaos. Devotion then becomes more obsessive. Our desire for stability clouds our judgement and hinders progress. Be daring enough today to explore a new frontier. The latest gadget will not give you Self-Knowledge. But, a sincere wish to understand your personal astrology can help you to gain such wisdom. If you wish to pursue such a course, Authentic Man is currently scheduling In-person Consultations in Seattle, Washington. All Consultations will be offered at a 10% discount to the usual 1 hour Telephone Consultation price of $80. If you are interested in scheduling, please contact me either by email at authenticastrology@gmail.com, or if you prefer, call direct at (503) 388-9131.

For more information on the Consultations which I offer and my approach to my Astrological Counselling work, please refer to our website by following the link below. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

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