Vedic Lunar Scope: Anuradha 6th May, 2012 – Self-Dedication

Authentic Man

Sometimes the best way to express loyalty to others is through dedication to oneself. A beacon is of no use if its light is dim. When we are depleted, there is little energy for ourselves, let alone another. We can be of little use to anything or anyone if we are in a weakened state. Occasionally, the Universe throws us a curve ball to remind us of this in the form of an enforced period of rest and reflection. But, it need not reach that level of severity. Find the appropriate balance today. The third Grand Earth Trine in just as many months now approaches; this time between Mercury, Mars and Pluto. This aspect is closely followed by a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Gemini. The Celestial Energies are now extremely intense and supportive of profound transformation on both the individual and collective levels. Avail yourself of the full potential of the current Astrological Climate through a Telephone Consultation.

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