Vedic Lunar Scope: Anuradha 24th August, 2012 – Pleasure and Pain

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

It is our longing to belong that sparks our desire to merge with the Infinite. What good is the enjoyment of Divine Bliss if not preceded by a sense of separation or loneliness? How can we experience such a state without individuality? We are each part of the Universe. But in merging with the Great Pool of Supraconsciousness, we could not have rapturous feelings were it not for Individual Consciousness. Our challenges motivate us to Right Action, which in turn brings us closer to our Beloved. For one moment of that Nectar, is it not worth the many nights of pain? Allow your woes to become your devotion, devotion your passion, and passion your pleasure.

Astrology is Life. Life is Passion. Passion is Poetry. Please feel free to read our Authentic Poetry.

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