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Vedic Lunar Scope: Dhanishtha 19th March 2012 – Secret to Success

Authentic Man

The Secret to Success is ever present, awaiting our discovery of its abundance. The true ‘playing field’ is not to be found externally, but instead within. We tend to judge prosperity in terms of material acquisition. But, everything within the realm of the material waxes and wanes. Through Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance, we can acquire all the tools necessary for the realisation of our destiny and attain true and lasting success. Although the Grand Earth Trine has peaked and is now separating, its effects will be far reaching. It has intensely sparked a flame that will be continue to be fuelled throughout the remainder of what promises to be a massive Astrological Year. In relation to this and further integration of the profound Current Astrological Climate, I am presently offering a 20% discount to all of my Facebook ‘Likes’ on a one hour long Telephone Consultation. Once a ‘like’, please contact me at authenticastrology@gmail.com for further details and to avail yourself of this special offer!

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