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Uranus Squares Pluto September, 2012 – The Illusion of Ignorance

The Tower

Go outside on any clear night that you may be fortunate enough to have a vast view of the cosmos. Try to tune in, simultaneously, to both yourself and the wide expanse of space. What lies beyond those distant stars that you can faintly see? Then, concentrate on yourself. Who are you? What are you made for? More importantly, perhaps, what are you made of? Then, think of yourself in relation to the Universe you are attempting, in a simplistic way, to harmonise with.

Now that you have had that sacred moment, take a look at the world around you. Truly take in and digest all that is going on in the name of profit and resources. Just as you were able to draw a relevance between you and the heavens, try also to make a connection between the insanity that you are now experiencing and the special moment you just had.

The Universe is one great school, intended for our enlightenment and evolution. Some of us are born into it with seemingly, and I stress seemingly, more wisdom than others. Yet, in all humility, we would also all have to lay claim to a certain degree of  foggy-mindedness in one way or another. We definitively all share common ground about what lies around that next corner. All that we can be certain of is the fact that we are approaching the turn at an increasingly accelerated pace. Without awareness, and a bit of grace, we may soon end up in the ditch. Let us hope that shall not be the case.

On 19th September, a tense aspect between two cosmic giants becomes exact in angle. Between now and 2016, if humanity is fortunate enough to transform from a lump of coal to a radiant diamond, we shall experience this aspect five more times in exactitude before they finally separate from the aspect they are now creating. Revolutionary Uranus in intense Aries is forming a sharp aspect known as a square with profound Pluto in Capricorn. Power structures of all types are globally shattering so that something new can be created in their wake. It is all a question of how we cope with these approaching times that determines where we will be the other side.

Uranus, during its present period of its sojourn in Aries is currently passing through a very deep portion of the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada. Uranus, of its own accord, does not like to be tied down or pigeon-holed. It is eternally ubiquitous by nature. Uttara Bhadrapada is also continually elusive, it relates to the concept we were discussing at the onset of the article. What lies beyond that most distant star, and past that, further onwards to the heart of the Universe. The very same search that takes us there should be intimately connected with the quest that takes us to the core of our own being.

Pluto is the planet that brokers no ego. It is the Universe’s ultimate arbiter. When we look to our hearts, and find that they are filled with darkness, it is Pluto that is the herald of this revelation. Although seemingly sinister in his purpose, he sincerely has our best interests at heart. It is only through the shattering of our ego that we discover the absolute reality of our existence. Pluto is currently transiting the Lunar Mansion of Purva Ashadha. This section of the sky helps to reveal the purity at the core of our being, our causal nature as a co-creative force with Universal Consciousness. In doing so, it too peels away the layers of self-pride occluding our essence as an individual soul.

As a species, we are deeply experiencing a crisis of karma. We are responsible for the world that we have manifested. Through integrating rather harsh lessons, we now have the opportunity to rectify it. We recognise such a minute portion of our potential and additionally abuse the power we are conscious of. If we are attentive and respectful, we cannot deny that there is a force more powerful at play in world events. As cataclysm and collapse increase, they do so to awaken us from the Illusion of Ignorance that we are somehow separate from the Source of Creation and Destruction. We can either radically choose to see, or blindly continue in apathy.

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