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Uranus Squares Pluto November 2013

Have you held a much-cherished dream close to your heart for a long time, only to have it remain tantalisingly – and seemingly stubbornly – elusive? Now is an acutely positive and supportive few days within which to avail yourself of any unexpected opportunities to put effort into finally turning that dream – or Soul Awareness – into a firm new reality.

Time and Tide can now finally carry you along into the flow of the next chapter of your life’s Journey. But, you have to allow faith – in addition to your efforts – to buoy you across the approaching threshold opening up, courtesy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio occurring on Sunday 3 November 12.49 GMT.

In the words of the song: ‘When you see a chance…. take it…’!

Another facet of this Time period involves reflection on how we conduct our communications – and business – with each other. Pluto’s energy is unearthing that which has been hidden in the shadows – or, according to my keyboard auto-prompt ‘in the shower’… well, today is Halloween! – as the Sun shines its light of Scorpionic revelation upon such murky – and mucky?? – material. Do we like what we are seeing? And, if not, what actions can we take in order to create a more positive environment within which to interact with each other?

And, how can we overcome our deeply rooted fears in order to increase our ability to build more trusting relationships, both on the individual and societal levels?

Plutonian Chronicles
Plutonian Chronicles

The opportunity to build a new and stronger foundation for ourselves is now upon us. The cherished dreams of the Past can now unexpectedly become a Beautiful new reality. We are being offered the chance to learn to trust each other, and to overcome our fears and paranoia. It’s going to require effort and faith – a willingness to accord mutual respect for our differences.

But – we will not be able to say that we weren’t given the chance.

Happy Halloween. PC

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