Time’s Gate

pluto72Through love’s dulcet waters, and meadows so fair
No starry night’s show could ever compare
You carried me over the tempest below
And blew me life’s kisses from aeons ago.

I once dreamed of a time, in lifetimes before
When, treading so softly, I opened a door
To a world full of glory, of princes and kings
A time when recalled gives my heart gilded wings.

Crowds waved their happiness, at sight of such love
‘Twixt prince and his princess, blessed from heavens above
We walked hand in hand, you smiled with such grace
And with silken rose petals did caress my soft face.

But time called me back, to a life that awaits
As the heavens make plans for all human fates
I wept at my loss, bemoaned destiny’s disdain
As salt tears coursed their way along rivers of pain.

Yet my soul knew its pathway, though suffering ensued
As ease and rich baubles my conscience eschewed
Through trials and traumas, through love and through hate
Along destiny’s highways, and back through Time’s gate.

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