The Solar Eclipse Sunday 3rd November, 2013

The coming few days are an excellent Time to picture the sails of a windmill going around in your Mind’s Eye. Allow their gentle ryhthm to soothe away feelings of residual pain from the Past. Imagine them blowing away tiny particles of dust – and see the dust as fragments of Time – and Truth – swirling upwards, mixing together, blurring the portals between the Past, Present and Future …

What once seemed as a Certainty can now become Uncertain once more. All Truth is ephemeral – and Temporal. If you allow your fixed notions to become as swirling dust, figuratively speaking, then you will be allowing an unseen power to transform the shifting scenery – and tableaux – of Time in the most positive manner. It is difficult to let go of our emotional anchors; whether through fear of insecurity, instability, or even loss of personal dignity. But, there is much now to be gained by being radically brave – and in doing just that. Allow the Dust of Time to rearrange itself as it sees fit; not as you would ‘prefer’ to see it become.

We are now in the middle of traversing a Time Passage between two eclipses. The coming Solar Eclipse on Sunday 3rd November heralds a New Beginning, after a period of Internal Transformation. As you now surf the sails of Time back along Memory Lane, become as a malleable piece of plasticine – bend with the Winds of Change, rather than trying frantically to resist them.

Plutonian Chronicles
Plutonian Chronicles

And, I would like for you to believe only one thing as Truth – and one thing only: that Life IS but a Dream. It is Time to forget the bad ones; and, make way for some rather unexpectedly – and miraculously – Good Ones. Truth and Justice are always served – in Time. And, all will be well. PC

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