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The Decline of Western “Civilisation” and the Dawn of Consciousness (July 2010)

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A common misconception that people have regarding astrology is that when an aspect is intense, such as a square or an opposition, that it is somehow negative. Cosmic aspects are better understood from the perspective of universal destiny. An acute astrological angle undoubtedly provides tension. But without tension, there could not be the opportunity for release. Obstruction when approached positively brings transformation.

The last of the Saturn-Uranus oppositions for the next 46 years has passed its point of exactitude. But, it is still very much a stellar force to be reckoned with. This series of oppositions has been responsible for a massive restructuring of power on the planet, and with the upheaval that is currently present, it would seem as if more is due to come.

For several months there has been unrest in Greece over economical problems. Such a strong force in the dawn of modern civilisation, it is especially fitting and extraordinarily meaningful that, as we are being asked to take an honest look at our destructiveness as a species, this country plays such a prominent part on the global stage.

In response to austerity measures aimed in agreement with the IMF and the European Union at reforming the Greek economy, lorry drivers are on strike. The government has imposed an emergency order commanding the drivers back to work, which, rightfully so, the drivers are rebelling against. They have been tear gassed as they have attempted to storm the transport ministry. Why the domineering response from the government? What is the primary driving force at the heart of all of this? Anyone care to guess? Our dear old friend fossil fuel…or petrol. In addition to the shipment of other products that are being halted by the strike, petrol stations cannot get their precious deliveries of fuel.

On a positive note, we are beginning to see that people are becoming much more willing to stand in strength and solidarity against the controlling arm of authority, driven by monetary greed.

Why the sudden powerful burst of energy associated with the recently separating Saturn-Uranus opposition? Saturn has recently moved into the sign of Libra, a sector of the sky where Saturn functions most excellently as it is able to be a powerful source for justice. But to add to this, Mars, which has now also moved into Libra, is closing in on a conjunction with Saturn. This means that both of these planets are now standing in opposition to Uranus.

An opposition between planets does not necessarily mean the planets are working against each other. The cosmic forces always have at the heart of their actions the shaping of destiny. When planets oppose each other, they are projecting their full light upon each other in order to create change.

Mars and Saturn, although seemingly destructive in nature, are able to forcefully focus their energy for the propagation of social justice. In addition to their transit of the sign most responsible for this virtue, Libra, they are also currently conjunct in the lunar mansion of Uttara Phalguni, associated with agreements and social mores. Certainly, the drivers are not able to reach agreement with the Greek government, but this serves strongly as a force for awakening higher awareness and bringing a shift in power.

We are experiencing more profoundly with each day the expansion of global revolution. This condition is bolstered by the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in the sign of Aries, itself ruled by Mars. Jupiter enlarges that which it comes into contact with, and Uranus is the celestial force connected with revolution. These two planets are currently occupying the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, responsible for refreshing transformation.

This aspect is heightened by an approaching harmonious aspect between Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury, the messenger, provides critical information aimed at prompting the release of attachment as it moves through the lunar mansion of Magha, associated with death, that proffers the opportunity for humanity to harmonise with a higher vibration in its evolutionary cycle.

The part that Pluto plays in all of this? As it passes through the lunar mansion of Mula, designed by the Cosmic Architect to promote the revelation and realisation of deep truth, no matter how painful, it is assisting us in recognising that we are dangerously addicted to crude oil. As there are much healthier alternatives, it is time to heal this attachment. The bones of the dinosaurs, who met their demise before the birth of human consciousness, are destined to be responsible for the downfall of humanity, unless it wakes up before it is too late.

Energy that is apparently difficult can be a constructive, rather than fatalistic, force if we choose to pay heed to the signs and signals. Solar power is a source that can be harvested, but not controlled by the domineering arm of global conglomerates responsible for the master-slave mentality of mass consumption, and the driving force behind war and global destruction. Our global governments are the puppets of these powermongers. It is time for power to be truly in the hands of the people.

This is the lesson that the downfall of ancient democracy has for modern capitalism.

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