The Cup of the Sphinx

Pulled upwards towards the sky, transfixed in a moment
I saw Future; or was it the Past?
Cerulean blue sky with white mackerel cloudlings
masked ugly Truth I caught hiding within their Illusion
of fatal ethereal beauty.

A droning, a drone, trailing evil as it flew
left a buzzing; mouth open in silent terror cocooned
in swathings of blanketing numbness, in Knowing,
the blue became charcoal as white turned to blood pools
of dreams unrealised stolen.

The land of milk and honey became Wizard of Oz
as those who trust in God became Witches.
Dorothy goes shoeless in search of her Truth
trailing suffering and pain in supposed gratitude of gain,
smiling tears of desperation.

A dark evil pervades Earth as its beauty remains
as a Siren, amidst chaos and ignorance.
Windless calm lulls the foolish to lethargic temptation,
inert, as they drool over falsehoods from Oz; dumb and blind
to knowing their Heart.

Time blew a warning that day in the cafe
when Muses called soft to my Soul as I drank
from the cup of the Sphinx posing riddles to taunt me,
to Know what I Know and to own it as Truth, as others will
only ever disown it.

So look to the land of the milk and the honey
and see behind pained Masks of sweetness;
Pour water on Witches brewing hatred, and fear
masked as Honey and Riches, go find your Shoes,
before Dark Poison arrives to steal you.

The Cup of the Sphinx


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