The Changing Tides of Fortune

We are in the midst of an intensifying Astrological Moment on the Planet, heralded by a deepening, tense aspect between Uranus and Pluto which will heighten as we approach the 10th of July, then ease before once again slowly deepening as we enter 2012. It becomes exact that summer. Uranus is connected with the Radical, Random, Revolutionary and Radiation. Pluto, with deep Revelation and Transformation. Uranus is in the passionately active sign of Aries, whilst Pluto is presently transiting the sign associated with Earth changes and government, Capricorn. As this angle deepens, Neptune, having recently entered the sign of Pisces for the first time in 150 years, will begin to form a harmonious aspect with Pluto. Neptune has just completed its transit of Aquarius, connected to Humanity, Revolution and Information. Neptune is associated with Imagination and Creativity. Positive progress is possible. A vision of a better way need not remain a fantasy. But, if we do not face up to the facts of the injury we are inflicting upon the Planet, the approaching aspect between Neptune and Pluto will serve to deepen the opportunity for awakening to this realisation in ever more challenging manners.

Each of us will be affected in a unique way, dependent upon where in our personal Birth Chart these Planets are transiting. As this is quite a remarkable moment for Humanity, and therefore  each of us individually, it is an ideal time to consider having a Telephone Consultation with Authentic Man.

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