Welcome! I am so glad that you are deciding to join us here at The Galactic Lounge.

Though registration for The Galactic Lounge is presently Free, there are a few rules that I ask all new members to adhere to.

  1. This is an open forum for us to discuss astrology, including, but not limited to the articles and videos I have published. With that being the case, I ask that you show respect for differing points of view, especially in regards to the two main branches of Vedic Astrology presently being practised, Traditional Sidereal Vedic Astrology and the Tropical Zodiac/Sidereal Nakshatras branch.
  2. I want our conversations to stay respectful. We are all here to connect with each other and hopefully to learn from each other. Racial slurs, insults or other attacks on members will not be tolerated and will lead to your account being cancelled.
  3. Pulse of the Universe Academy of Vedic Astrology, PulseoftheUniverse.com and Michael Reed Astrology reserve sole rights to use the platform for promoting services, courses and other things of general interest. This is not a space to directly promote your services, astrological or other. I reserve the right to break my own rule in this regard as it is a branch of my own business. This is a space for astrological folks to use, but it is within my domain. I would not come onto your business property and try to sell my services uninvited 😉 . I kindly ask that you please show the same respect. Breaking this rule may ultimately lead to your account being deleted.
  4. This is a space for registrants to share their astrological views and debate topics with respect to the terms above. Please do not use this space as a venue to try to get free readings from myself or others. This is a space for astrological discourse and it is fine to use chart examples. But please don’t use that as an excuse to try to solicit free astrological readings of your own horoscope.

Please note that these rules may be updated from time to time with a post to The Galactic Lounge. Many thanks and enjoy!

Michael Reed, Vedic Astrologer