T-Square Venus, Uranus and Pluto August, 2012 – Lost in the Wilderness

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

The Human Animal has become so detached from its very essence that it is lost in the wilderness groping at strings in a haphazard attempt to switch the light on. It moves in the wrong direction, blind to its own actions. Spiritual common sense has been lost as the mind has become divorced from Reality. Instead, we live an illusion that the realm of finances, consumption and materialism has more fibre and tangibility than anything else. As a result, we grasp at, and hoard resources out of fear of survival, disregarding our fellow inhabitants in the process. Yet, one factor in the equation is equally important as any other. One life equally meaningful. Indeed, if not more.

Take for instance, the importance of bees, whose numbers are dwindling. If not for them, how would flowers be pollinated? Flora would die off, along with a large portion of our oxygen supply and ecosystem. All individual pieces are equally important in the maintenance of the biosphere. Yet, humanity has set itself apart as the Lord of all it surveys, rather than the Steward of its protection.

Some recent indications of our insanity? Portions of ice which make the Northwest Passage above Arctic Canada difficult to traverse have begun to melt in the last couple of years. Is concern raised about the warming of the planet’s oceans? No, immediately squabbling commences over who has the rights to the shipping lanes for the movement of commerce. We are grasping at straws and missing the forest for the trees, as we have become so enslaved by the continuance of our material consumption by any means possible. Currency, which requires the destruction of resources in order to be printed, has taken greater precedence over the lives of our fellow human, or the preservation of the planet.

The United States has recently balked at the concept of liberating 40% of its current corn crops in order to further ensure the avoidance of a global food crisis which every day looms nearer. The said percentage is set aside for the production of ethanol as a biofuel source in order to safeguard access to a fuel source should oil reserves dry. An idiot could figure this one out. Hmmmm….who is going to drive those cars in order to go to their mind-numbing, drone-creating job in order to pay taxes to the great corporate machinery if the numbers that are starving to death increase?

To be fair to the ignorant, we are all being faced with challenges to our conscious intelligence to see if we will awaken and ‘get real’. We are in the midst of a year of intensifying astrology. We are on the cusp of collective cooperation, or collapse. The next step that we each take individually is more important than we may understand. We can choose to act consciously, or draw the shades and set up the ‘Out to Lunch’ sign. I do not say this to invoke fear, but instead to spur concern and awareness. We must all tread lightly and pay attention.

On 15th and 16th August, two aspects from Venus, to Pluto and Uranus respectively, become exact. The first between Venus and Pluto on the 15th, then the second between Venus and Uranus the day after. Yet, to all intents and purposes, this can all be understood as one aspect, known as a T-square. Venus will be opposing Pluto, and forming a square with Uranus. And Uranus and Pluto are once again applying to a square which becomes exact in September. This configuration of planets forms a ‘T’, hence the name. This is a highly conflagrant conglomerate of planetary energy.

Venus in Cancer brings our concern and attention to the importance of continued security. Yet, we are proceeding out of insecurity and fear by responding with a knee-jerk panicked reaction instead of thinking lucidly and taking a more appropriate response. Venus is transiting the Lunar Mansion of Ardra at the time of its exactitude with both Uranus and Pluto. Ardra is connected with the passionate nature of the mind. Usually, its process leads us through a challenging process whereby we make mistakes through acting from the more obsessed and delusionary nature of our mind, only to learn a subsequent lesson. Its purpose is to guide us to a proper sense of values through eventual right understanding.

Pluto as it transits Carpicorn, and the Lunar Mansion of Purva Ashadha brings our attention to the the chain of cause and effect. Our impact upon our environment is greater than we care to notice, and Pluto wishes to make sure that we do take heed, and in no uncertain terms. It will broker no opposition in setting to rights ignorance and greed.

The ramifications of Uranus in Aries is sparking a high level of uncertainty in many of the world’s politicians as to how to handle a crisis which has careened out of control. The standard method of operation has been to continue to prop up a global economy with speculation and hearsay. It is all too obvious that the house of cards they have fabricated has no firm basis. And now, the time has come for it to come toppling down. Uranus’ transit of Uttara Bhadrapada is provoking such inappropriate responses so that they can be examined, and the fallacies they are based on understood. Only from a space of attenuating attachment can detachment be fostered and proper discernment attained.

It may seem disconcerting that so much is changing so rapidly. But, truth be known, we are fortunate. An opportunity for Higher Awareness is on offer. Certainly, we must do the groundwork and likely learn a few humiliating lessons in the process. But, common sense should allow us to see that it is all quite simple. Preservation of the planet, its resources and inhabitants should always come first. There truly can be enough to go around for everyone. This should, and must be the firm basis of any future path.

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