Sun Trine Uranus, July 2011 – The Sacrifice of the Superficial Dross

Humanity has become diseased. Money and materialism have overtaken the Heart and Soul of many. Rather than bow in humble recognition at the Wonder of the Planet, and indeed the Universe, instead an obscene altar has been erected to the God of Capital, its centrepiece a mirror where the Gross Product is examined before being offered up to the cheapest possible builder. The Soul has been sold in favour of becoming a product. Authenticity cannot survive in such an environment.

Although its onset may seem sudden and unexpected, a ‘trance’-formation is happening at a painfully slow pace.  A recognition that a New Dawn of Understanding needs to occur is settling in. Yet, the minds of many still remain embroiled in a slumber from which they refuse to awaken.

The Universe provides us with windows of opportunity, during which we can make the adjustments necessary to alter the course of not only our own destiny, but also the collective destiny through profound self trance-formation. We only make the impact our soul is meant to imprint if we discover more fully our True Nature. Others can only learn from us if we are a Living Example that not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk to back it up. Superficiality needs to be burned upon its funeral pyre in sacrifice to realness.

On 27th July, 2011 GMT the Sun in Leo forms a harmonious angle with Retrograde Uranus in Aries. Revolutionary Uranus supports radical change if we are willing to harness the Will to bolster it. Transiting the ‘Warrior Star’, which is the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, selfishness can be internally defeated within our psyches, and greed ever more deeply relinquished out of a desire for a New Way of Being, beneficial to more than just the ‘fortune-ate’ few.

The Sun in the lunar mansion of Pushya shows that much can be gained in spiritual richness if false projections, designed to achieve the fulfillment of lustful notions, are dropped. All that is really needed for success as an Individual Soul is to be as you are. The baker is born to be the baker, the astrologer…the astrologer. There is no need to sell the celebrity. Falseness is nothing to be worshiped. Realness, however, is more highly desirable to both Self-Realisation and Universal Service.

Wood Gatherers in the Snow

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