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Sun Square Uranus June 2012 – Flaming Pyres of Purification

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

Friday 29th June, 2012 – Moon in Scorpio; Mercury (Leo) sextiles Jupiter (Gemini); Sun (Cancer) opposes Pluto (Capricorn); Sun (Cancer) squares Uranus (Aries)

Evolution invariably requires adaptation. There can be no growth without change. Nothing new can be borne if the old is not first relinquished. If we do not move with the winds of transformation like a dandelion seed to opur new home in more fertile soil, then we will be blown away like a tree in a hurricane. History should teach us, from the dinosaurs onwards, that where there is no acclimation with planetary changes there is instead a lack of harmony leading to the demise of of a species due to its lack of flexibility.

As humans, we have utilised our consciousness in the most profane of manners and set ourselves apart from the Universe. Rather than honouring our capacity to become the stewards of the planet which is simultaneously our source of nourishment and home, we have instead snubbed our noses at Nature, thinking ourselves more mighty than the Cosmos. We set designs for the exploitation of all resources available to us, and then in a hell-bent manner pursue our own sensory gratification to the extent of not only our own injury, but also that of fellow humans and all other species. And when resources dwindle, do we then cease and desist? No, we continue in our pursuits, even to the extent of exploring the rest of our solar system for more frontiers to violate.

We have become engrossed in a trap, digging ourselves further in, rather than seeking a way out. As the present economic crisis deepens, it should be painstakingly clear that trying to pursue the same solution only deepens the problem that we are facing. Nothing can cure the malaise that capitalism and mass consumption have created, not even the creation of a million jobs. An illness can only be healed from the source of the problem. Otherwise we are merely postponing a fatal conclusion to a later date.

Security and stability cannot be found through a system whose very existence is tantamount to self-destruction. We have built a house of cards on an illusive foundation and now seek to safeguard ourselves against the coming storm in the very cellar of that same structure. If there is no essence to a foundation, it can only collapse. Better to participate in its dismantling than to attempt to bolster it.

We must now dare to be creatively pioneering if we wish to survive. Apathy will lead only to a bottomless pit from which we will never emerge. Continuing to rot our minds with the poison fed to us in heaping doses through the boob tube will lead only to self-consumption once the resources required to construct the gadgets which the adverts attempt to shove down our gullets finally disappear.

No more should we abuse the glorious gifts we have been given, neither our minds, hearts and souls with their unlimited potential; nor the abundant planet which is our home. Only when we sacrifice our gross profanity on the flaming pyres of purification can we realise and recognise the radiant beings hidden beneath the superficial dross. The time has come to set the process in motion.

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