Sun Square Pluto September 2010 – Light on the Lisbon Treaty

Time is a measurement, created so that we may have a framework within which to understand our unique perception of individual consciousness. Astrology, in one sense, is a method of understanding the interplay between the cosmos, time and consciousness. This celestial interaction is occasionally cyclical in nature, just as the planets, themselves, make a patterned motion through the heavens. It is, then, quite interesting that just as planetary movements occur and dissipate in repetition over time, so too do certain world events arise to the forefront of our attention in relation to the repetition of certain celestial events.

As we approach the first anniversary of the second Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty which occurred on 2nd October of last year, we are revisiting many of the same astrological portents that were prominent in the lead up to the vote.  At this time last year, Saturn had recently completed an opposition with Uranus and was approaching a tense square with Pluto. The Sun had recently completed a square with Pluto. And, retrograde Mercury was preparing to station, before returning to direct motion.

A year later, Saturn and Uranus have separated from their penultimate opposition for the next 46 years. Saturn in Libra has recently passed its square with Pluto in Capricorn. On 26 September the Sun, also in Libra,  formed a square with Pluto. And Mercury, now in direct motion though recently retrograde, is approaching both the point at which it recently stationed and also the degree of the sign of Virgo at which it stationed direct last year.

Both the European Union and Southern Ireland are once again becoming prominent in the news. The carrot, dangled in front of the Irish nearly a year ago to entice their approval of the Lisbon Treaty after having previously voted against it, was the promise of a better financial future through their involvement in the EU. Are the Irish any better off? Obviously not. Their economy has recently contracted 1.2%. It could be that they are soon to join Greece in the ranks of countries unable to service their debts.

Who is better off in the European Union these days with a collapsing global economy? Certainly not your average European with austerity measures being introduced in many countries, including the UK. And, although the politicians are a little worse off due to being held to a higher accountability by some aspects of the press, they are certainly not much worse off financially. Especially those former European members of Parliament whom, it has recently been brought to attention, have been the beneficiaries of monthly allowances at taxpayers’ expense in the neighborhood of nearly $14,000 a month in order to ‘ease their transition into the labour market’ after leaving their official political positions.  And for some, three years after their service to the tax public!

Whilst Others Queue at Soup Kitchens, the Gravy Train Keeps Rolling

During a square between the Sun in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, the abuse of power cannot hide from the light of truth. The Irish are only suffering from their involvement in the EU.  The case is the same with the majority of Europe. Who, then, needs the European Union? Power hungry politicians looking to have a ‘jolly’ at the expense of the public and continue the forward motion of their “gravy train” expense accounts. Now, just as loudly as last year, the cry is strong for humanity to enter an era of true liberation governed by self-responsibility and self -government. This is the true democracy. As for those power hungry politicians? Let them have their ‘photo opportunities’ and lavish dinners elsewhere. Perhaps, the Moon.

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