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Sun Quintiles Jupiter February, 2012 – A Moment of Justice

Gathering Forces

11th February, 2012 – Moon in Libra; Sun (Aquarius) quintiles Jupiter (Taurus); Venus (Aries) semi-sextiles Jupiter (Taurus)

Sometimes, the impetus is there, but the moment is not right. Then there are other instances when the proper time for action seems to slip right by us unnoticed, only to be discovered later with regret. Then there are the rare moments when everything seems to fall into place because we meet destiny head on with awareness and recognise the prosperous offering available to us. When we are blessed with such insight, we become enthused, passionate. An exuberant force wells up within strong enough to shift objects that were previously immoveable.

Such a rare moment approaches on 11th February as two harmonious alignments proffer their Cosmic Gifts. One between the Sun and Jupiter, the other between Jupiter and Venus.

A big victory is seemingly on the horizon. And it may not mean that manna falls from heaven, but those with awareness and hearts courageous enough to create Positive Change in a world filled with injustice have a shining beacon to guide their way.

The Sun, in the sign associated with humanity as a whole, Aquarius, forms an angle of 72 degrees with Jupiter in Taurus. Those who have remained undaunted in the face of opposition stand a stronger chance of seeing their efforts bear sweet fruit. The Sun will be transiting the Lunar Mansion of Dhanishtha, giving strength and the ability to unite resources for a concerted effort. Jupiter is occupying the Lunar Mansion of Ashwini bringing swift progress and expansion. Those with pride may see their fires fizzle, but those with both Humility and Courage shall have their day.

Venus, recently ingressed into Aries also forms an angle with Jupiter, of 30 degrees. Passion tempered with Love inspires acts of true heroism. This aspect is bolstered by not only Jupiter’s presence in Taurus but also that of the Moon in Libra, both signs being governed by Venus. The Moon in the Lunar Mansion of Hasta favours Creative Planning, backed by the vigilance to exercise restraint when necessary, yet let loose the Hounds when most appropriate.

Venus is in the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, also known as the Warrior Star. When we are motivated by Love and a desire to champion a Righteous Cause, we are willing to dig a little deeper and go the extra mile. These efforts are not ignored by a helpful Universe as Jupiter’s aforementioned presence in Ashwini offers a little extra umphhh to the situation.

Effort alone is not sufficient. But, combined with a sense of Ethics and the unity of a multitude of Valiant Hearts, plus a strong Cosmic Blessing, it is a force to be reckoned with.

Carpe Diem!!!

Authentic Man

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