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Sun Quintile Saturn January 2012 – The Days of Bombs and Roses

Bombs and Roses

As economy is slowly (painstakingly) dying on the World Stage before an audience asleep during the first and second acts, but now stirring for the buildup to the Grand Finale, so too is the ability to glitter and gloss over with Superficiality. The Old Song and Soft Shoe no longer garners the response that it once did, as it becomes ever more obvious that the Emperor is all too vulnerably nude. Oh how the Mighty have fallen….. and continue to do so. Problem is, they seem to have no desire to accept the Reality that is screaming in their faces. Instead, they continue to shout and chest thump back in obscene denial.

I could name names here, but is it really necessary to do so for those of us who have eyes that are open enough to witness clearly? Besides, the list is far too long. But, there is one Corporation – In God We Trust Inc., the Land of the ‘Free’ and the Home of the Knaves – whose demise is becoming glaringly obvious. Yet, it continues to behave as if it is the Police Farce of the World, the Earth’s Darling and Overly Entitled. Humility is not in its vocabulary. Seemingly, it is not alone in its illness.

When the Greedy and Oppressive stumble and writhe in their final death throes, it will be at the hands of the Oppressed. When the Criminally Insane collapse, the Truly Righteous will arise. When the voices of the Arrogant become hoarse, or better yet, choke on their lies, then we can hear clearly the Call of the Just. Time marches on. And, a New Year approaches.

On 1st January, 2012 GMT the New Year is begun on a grand scale with two coinciding and potent aspects; a harmonious alliance between the Sun and Saturn, and a tense aspect between Mars and Mercury.

Starting with Mars and Mercury, these two planets will be forming an acute alignment known as a square, heightened by the fact that Mars is presently transiting Virgo, ruled by Mercury. If you are aware of the tendency of someone who has been caught out to point fingers elsewhere rather than tend their own garden in humility, this is a prime example of the influence of Mars’ potential pride at work, as it transits the impassioned Lunar Mansion of Purva Phalguni. This section of the tropical sign of Virgo is also associated with alliances. As it becomes evident that all that glitters is no longer gold…… hmmm, their money has truly not been where their mouth is on that one; then their money can no longer buy them the ‘love’ they once thrived on. Yet, the impact of Mars in Purva Phalguni does favour those who would stand in courageous accord against the Goliaths of the world.

Mercury, in daring Sagittarius and its own Lunar Mansion of Jyeshtha suggests that it is now time for those previously downtrodden to arise in solidarity and strength, both talking the talk and walking the walk. Those who are all about the talk, but are unable to back it up with commitment can only, if eventually, falter.

On the same day, an accordant aspect between the Sun and Saturn, known as a quintile, also reaches its exactitude. This is a potent aspect in itself as the Sun is currently transiting the domain of Saturn, Capricorn. But, it is weaker and more subtle than the concurrent square between Mars and Merury and therefore deserves our respectful attention.

The Sun, occupying the Lunar Mansion of Purva Ashadha is invigorated. Vanity is a likely result for the ignorant. But, pride always comes before a fall, and this is no exception to the rule. Purva Ashadha thrives on toppling the Ego and championing the True, when its energy is honoured. As the Sun aspects an exalted Saturn in Libra, a heaping helping of Justice is on the menu.

Saturn is presently passing through the Lunar Mansion of Chitra. In its highest vibration, Chitra relates to the desire to accomplish Great Works, and discharge one’s duty with a sense of ethics. At its lowest impulse, it seeks recognition through gluttonous display.

Conscientious acts do not go unheeded and do bear eventual reward. The problem is that Unconsciousness has held sway for far too long, and it takes much work to topple the Empire previously in place. However, the tide is shifting and flowing in like a tsunami. If you look around you, with newly open eyes, you can see progress.

The Days of Bombs and Roses are over. The Moment of the Meritorious is upon us.

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