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Sun Opposes Uranus September 2011 – Cooperation or Confrontation

Innocence and Potential......Witness and Imagine

The PLO will pursue its bid for Recognition of Statehood based on the 1967 borders before the UN Security Council on the 23rd September. A growing number of countries back the bid, especially the Arab States and Turkey. The United States, confronted with the concept of backing that which is Fair and Just, and alienating Israel in the process, is obviously against such a resolution, especially as election year is approaching and it is extremely taboo in Political Eyes to offend the Jewish vote. The Body Politic understands only the continued pursuit of the ‘gravy train’ and cares little, if anything, for Truth and Justice.

Israel, and indeed the United States or any other Security Council member who would threaten to veto, faces further isolation in standing against the bid. Israel will either have to make concessions based upon that which the PLO is seeking, or make obvious their arrogance and intolerance.

The pressure is mounting, the tension builds. With economies collapsing, resources depleting and Nature fighting back, Humanity is being forced to a decision which to delay longer only brings further demise. Which will it be, cooperation or collapse? Living in harmony with our environment? Or raping it for resources and prostituting the Planet? Will Humanity continue to war endlessly? Or strive towards Greater Peace and Understanding?

On 26th September, following on the heels of a harmonious aspect between Mars and Uranus three days earlier, the Sun will form a tense aspect with Uranus in concurrence with another sharp alignment between Venus and Neptune.

Venus is presently in the sign of Libra, which it governs, therefore making its energy and the Refined Balance and Justice of Libra more exuberant. At the time of Venus’ alignment with Neptune, Venus will be approaching a conjunction with Saturn, itself exalted in Libra. Tyranny stops cold in its tracks when faced with this twin force.

Venus, at the moment of its aspect with Neptune, known as a sesquiquadrate, will be transiting the Lunar Mansion of Hasta. What is valued more, Selfishness and Lustful Acquisition, or Restraint and Aspirations of Peace and Harmony? Neptune is transiting the Humanistic and yes, Revolutionary sign of Aquarius and the Lunar Mansion of Dhanishtha. The opportunity exists more profoundly to choose a course based upon respect for the individuality and diversity of all nations, creeds and people. Or, we can continue upon the Path of Destruction, further isolating and alienating due to intolerance. We can not only imagine, but also implement a more positive future; or remain lost in the illusion that we are not impacted by the suffering of others.

The Sun, as it forms an opposition with Uranus is also in Libra and transiting the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Phalguni at the time of exactitude of aspect between these two planets. Uttara Phalguni is related to Balanced Agreement and Social Justice. Uranus is occupying Active and Agressive Aries. Its energy is ‘no holds barred’ as it passes through this sign. It is passionate in its overthrow of the Status Quo. Yet, as it is passing through the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, its activism seeks to benefit the Advancement and Evolution of all. The opposition between these two planets makes clear that there is a choice between Cooperation or Retaliation, Agreement or Forced Solution through Confrontation.

Our own Personal Dramas are played out through the Collective. It is a New Day that is Dawning and the Old Paradigm will no longer work, no matter how tightly we cling to it. It is not only Israel and the US who are being confronted with the negative impact of their own egos, but the Individual Human and Humanity Itself. Through the Pursuit of Greed and Material Acquisition, we have become divorced from our own Essence, Environment and Community. Contentment cannot be built upon such a Foundation, but instead upon Altruism, Dignity and Mutual Respect.

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