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Sun Opposes Saturn April 2012 – Equanimity and Grace

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Occasionally, it can seem as if we are moving at a snail’s speed, when our stride may actually be closer to that of the hare. As the pace of the world is building to a heightened level, the release of adrenalin must intensify to match the level of stress to which we have become subject. And from this frantic state of being, it can sometimes feel as if things are not progressing at the level we wish for them to. Yet further down the line, it is with retrospect we notice that quite a bit of ground has been covered. When we are unable to be objective, in both  balance and measure the intensity of desire far outweighs the recognition of the necessity for structure and discipline. Yet, fervour unchecked quickly runs the risk of becoming self-destructive rather than beneficial.

No matter how anxious, frustrated or restless we may feel inside at its onset, limitation is a necessary part of the creative process. We should be grateful for its presence rather than dubious of its necessity. The Cosmic Brakes quite often are applied at just the appropriate moment to save us from racing over a cliff’s edge. We only think that we know what is best for us, the universe knows better.

Yet, passion also has its virtue. Without it, the impetus for transformation would be non-existent. The discomfort of tense energy is all a part of the process. If not for its presence, we would never feel the dissatisfaction that leads to liberation from the oppressive framework of resistance.

On Sunday 15th April, the Sun forms an exact opposition with retrograde Saturn. The Sun will be in the latter portion of Aries, the sign in which it is exalted. In Aries, the vigorous enthusiasm of the Sun is zealously served by Mars’impulse for action. The Lunar Mansion of Ashwini, where the Sun will be at the time of its exactitude of angle with Saturn, favours quick progress. But, a fire that rages out of control is one that burns, not one that provides comforting warmth. At the first sign of obstruction, ardour joins with its cohort arrogance and builds to a fierce conflagration incapable of a controlled burn that could otherwise provide the necessary sustenance for the realisation of its aims.

retrograde Saturn in Libra provides the necessary balance and discipline that is able to rein in and harness rampant impulsiveness. From the Lunar Mansion of Chitra, where it has recently been resident,its seemigly authoritative opposition is actually that of a loving Universal Parent stepping in at just the appropriate moment to curb outrageous behaviour and crystallise our actions so that they are approached in a more refined and therefore harmonious manner.

It can be unbelievably annoying to meet with a hurdle as we strive to accomplish our endeavours, but such obstruction need not be seen as thwarting our aspirations. Sometimes it merely sidetracks them and directs our focus towards a more appropriate end. Fast and furious is seldom the best approach. A more desirable stance is one of equanimity and grace. My Telephone Consultations can help to foster a sense of equipoise. For more information, please click here.

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