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Sun Conjunct Mercury March 2012 – The Rain Dance

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When the storm clouds gather and build in force do they find you running for cover? Or dancing for the coming rain whilst wielding lightning? The answer to this question is determined by the balance of the Scales of Justice and whether or not they tilt in your favour, or against you. Either way the thunder must rip and the rains must fall. A cleansing will happen purifying and paving the way for fertility. We can either work with the natural process or against it. But it makes no sense to run for cover, for the storm will find its way to your very heart, and where it is closed, rip it asunder. Where your mind is deadened by rigid thinking which has reached the end of its time, lightning bolts will shed brilliant radiance, illuminating insight. Where your ears have been closed, the thunder of your soul will leave no doubt of either the darkness or light within you.

Sometimes the Depth of Delusion must build in intensity in order to burst and give way to the profundity of Truth. And, woe betide if you are in the way when the paradigm shifts. On 20th March the Sun makes its annual entry into the sign of Aries, followed on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd by a remarkable series of astrological alignments. First, retrograde Mercury will form a harmonious alignment known as a semi-sextile with Neptune; then it will conjunct the Sun. The Sun then becomes exact in a semi-sextile with Neptune. On the 22nd, there will be an Aries New Moon precedng the regression of Mercury back into the sign of Pisces where it will remain until 16th April.

Increasing the strength of these astrological events is the fact that they will all draw upon the energy of the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada as the Sun, Mercury and the New Moon will all occupy this section of the sky. Uttara Bhadrapada is vital power in its dormant, yet potent state which can be unleashed at any random moment. It is linked to the power of the atmosphere to storm, bringing rains that are the herald of profound change.

As the Sun and Mercury form their harmonious aspect with Neptune in Pisces, Neptune will be transiting the Lunar Manson of Shatabihsha. Shatabihsha is associated with the maintenance of both Natural and Moral Law, showing where we may be out of balance and offering an opportunity for karmic recompense. With Neptune in this Lunar Manson the energy is illusory yet gives way to insight. This luminosity of this revelation is bolstered by the conjunction between the Sun and Mercury in Aries and the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada. A storm brews yet it is elucidating and we have nothing to fear unless we try to hide from the Truth, and even then we can soften its vibrant blow if we accept and welcome it with humility.

The New Moon marks a fresh beginning after the way has been cleared through purification. The process may be revolutionary, but necessarily so given the state of imbalance. The New Moon is then followed on the 23rd by Mercury’s regression into the sign of Pisces, offering a period of reflection coinciding and in concordance with advancement. We understand that we are only vulnerable when we hide from that which is intrinsic to our evolution. When we face both our strength and weakness with honesty, we stand only to benefit from the process.

Man-made laws, morals and ideals are filled with loopholes, and often hypocrisies. But Universal Law is steadfast and impenetrable. It will not allow for the circumvention of Justice, for its very essence is Righteousness. Where the apple cart is filled with rottenness, it must now be overturned.

The torrent and the fury cannot be obviated but you can cooperate. And then, the Rain Dance is yours. And with the acceptance of Self-Responsibility, the Lightning and Thunder will not harm, but instead will serve you. The approaching astrological aspects following on the heels of the Grand Earth Trine continue to reshape our Destiny. In relation to this and further integration of the profound Current Astrological Climate, I am presently offering a 20% discount  on a one hour long Telephone Consultation. Please contact me at authenticastrology@gmail.com for further details and to avail yourself of this special offer!

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