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Spiritual Poverty and a Humanitarian Disaster

authenticsignThere are two synchronicities that I find deeply interesting with the Capricorn Solar Eclipse of 15th January, 2010. One, which I mentioned in an article of the same date, is that it occurs on the birthday of a true humanitarian and altruistic soul, Martin Luther King, Jr. Although his birthday is celebrated on the 18th this year with a national holiday in the US, his true birthday is the 15th. The other is that it occurs three days after a massive earthquake on the island of Haiti, that has become, simultaneously, one of the hugest natural disasters and also, sadly enough, a rather massive humanitarian disaster.

As King once said, “True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar.” The world’s problems cannot be solved by the very thing which is at the true root of the crisis. The problem that we face is of a spiritual nature. Money is valued in today’s world over deeper spiritual wealth, of which true compassion forms an inherent part. The world as a whole is ill in this regard, and is suffering a poverty of consciousness.

Could this be the very reason that we need to, as a planet, suffer through a global economic crisis? We need, as a whole, to understand that materialism, and the lust for it, creates a climate in which compassion, altruism and other great true human virtues cannot thrive. Only when money and greed are taken out of the equation can greater humanity shine through the darkness and have its glow strengthen.

As astrology, when used in its highest sense, can help one to understand the lessons of consciousness intrinsic to every occurrence, a deeper understanding of the energy associated with the eclipse could assist in elucidating.

The solar eclipse was exact in the sign of Capricorn, in a section known to Vedic Astrology as Uttara Ashadha. Uttara Ashadha, a lunar mansion, is known to grant one unshakable strength. As mentioned in an earlier article, King had his natal Sun placed in this section. He stood for truth and acts of non-violence and believed that if someone had nothing that they would die for, they were unfit to live.

When one stands for all that is righteous, although they may face adversity and be taken from this plane of existence in so doing, the strength of their message shines through time like a torch for other bearers to raise high, and continue onwards.

The solar eclipse formed a minor aspect with Neptune (spiritual truth) and Chiron (healing crisis) in the sign of Aquarius, and in a section of that sign known as Dhanishtha, another lunar mansion.

The term minor aspect must be used carefully. A minor aspect, involved with a major one such as a solar eclipse, or even in correlation with an outer planet can deliver results that seem far from minor. Dhanishtha is associated with recognition. It can bring things to prominence. The message of Martin Luther King is being highlighted as we near the celebration of his birthday. And so too is the message that is connected with the earthquake in Haiti.

This message that comes loud and clear from this massive cataclysm is that power, control, greed and the desire for recognition in a negative sense can interfere with the flow of humanitarian aid to those who need it very deeply. Interesting indeed how this is also connected with a tense aspect between Pluto in Capricorn (power, earth changes) and Retrograde Saturn in Libra (balance, justice).

In its efforts, if they can be so called, the US obviously wants to be seen as the knight in shining armour riding forth to save the day. Their desire for control of the airport, and which flights can come in and out is interfering with the dissemination of the aid. Is there a deeper reason for this desire for control?

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