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Solstice Lunar Eclipse – The Darkest Day Brings the Light

Do you desire the Truth with every waking breath? Is the impulse behind your actions based upon a desire for deeper awareness, greater consciousness and a life lived in authenticity? Or does there dwell somewhere inside of you the subconscious desire to remain in an unconscious slumber, aware to the stimuli present outside of your sleeping state, yet somewhat numbed to their presence? Can you truly rest in such a state, or is your catatonic inertia merely disrupted by disturbing nightmares? Then, which is worse, being awake and aware to the disturbance with the ability to do something about it – or, living in a nightmare seemingly beyond your control?

Those with a desire for the Truth choose the path of facing the moment in full self-awareness with courage. Even if a challenge were endemic to the situation, and facing it meant certain embarrassment, there is still more dignity and grace in going through the experience, rather than trying to avoid it.

The modern world has created a disease of the mind which causes death to the connection to the soul. In pursuit of material fulfilment, the mass of Humanity has become a product, with its layers of superficial dross acting as the advertising campaign aimed at promoting that which is up for sale to those who would buy it. Being authentic is eschewed for selling oneself, with the primal fear for survival at the root of the false projection. Due to living in a society with the acquisition of money at the base of all actions, we have created a state where the individual is operating at a negative balance, with no essence left to back up their personal spiritual economy. The connection to the soul and its ethics has been lost. Is it any wonder that our world economies are also suffering a similar state of moral decay?

There is a responsibility to the soul to accept oneself for oneself. And, it is not quite as much a situation where the leaders will follow if the people will lead. It is more that the leaders should not be necessary in the first place if the individual accepts self-government. And can politicians be rightly blamed for being phony if the individual is not true? It is quite a negative web that has been woven, but we no longer have to be the prey, vulnerable to its entanglement. An opportunity for deeper awakening now approaches. But, willingness to accept this opportunity must be present in order to reap its benefits.

On Tuesday, 14 December, 2010 GMT, a powerful alignment occurs between piercing Mars, revelatory Pluto and reflective retrograde Mercury in the sign of Capricorn and the lunar mansion of Mula. The hallmark of a powerfully destined moment is made even more intense by the North Node’s intense, but separating aspect to these three planets. Certainly, this alignment represents uncomfortable energy. Its purpose is to cut through veil upon veil of illusion, including self occlusion. If there is anything that you wish to hide from, or have hidden, this astrological energy is not your ally. But,  if there is sincerity to cut to the chase, you will find that you can go far.

The Universe gives us gifts in each moment, if we are willing to accept them. This intense alignment precedes a lunar eclipse, which occurs at 8:13 am GMT on the solstice, 21st December, 2010. On the day where there is less light present on the planet than at any other day of the year, a celestial chance is present to discover deeper levels of light within and to decide to live from this awareness.

Eclipses happen twice a year, and function as portals. When they occur, they always come in pairs. There will always be a lunar and solar eclipse  within two weeks of each other. This time, the lunar eclipse happens first. With the first eclipse, comes the opening of the gate. With the second, the closing. With effort, the two week period inbetween is a gift not to be ignored. Profound transformation is possible.

The solstice eclipse, as with all lunar eclipses,  transpires on a Full Moon. The Sun, and also retrograde Mercury, will be in Sagittarius and the lunar mansion of Mula. The Sun is the light bearer, and Mercury only adds to the opportunity for greater insight. Their presence in Mula affords a deeply penetrating view straight to the heart. Dare to be bold through being real with yourself, and you can only benefit from this moment.

Directly opposite, the Moon will be in Gemini, and the lunar mansion of Mrigasira. In living from the Authentic Self, there is no room for duality. To the extent that you desire to do so, all false projections can be cast aside and fulfilment can be found in knowing the reality of your existence.

Forming a tense alignment with the eclipse are Jupiter and Uranus in the sign of Pisces and the lunar mansion of Purvabhadrapada. With a willingness to expand, a radically different path becomes apparent. Only one person benefits from selfish living and  the ‘every dog for himself’ mentality. And in all fairness dogs look out for their pack. Humans should know better.  But, with the wisdom of what would be best for the planet comes the understanding and acceptance of the part that one is put here to play. No drama is necessary in this theatre. When all moves purely from the soul, it is not possible to fall out of character. As a matter of course, more character can only be gained.

With lucidity comes responsibility.  With the acceptance of this comes the realisation of the true potential of the soul. Will your access to money be hindered as a result of choosing to live courageously and with full understanding of this wisdom? Perhaps, but maybe not.  Then again, things are tough all over where the money concept is concerned. Why do you think that is? What is at the root of the problem? If there is no gold or silver to prop up a false economy, then what is there?

There is only the individual within society. And if there is no essence behind the individual, meaning the soul, then only poverty can thrive. Awaken to a radically prosperous way of thinking, and Being.

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