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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio November 2012 – From Whence Arises the Colour?

Sower with Setting Sun (Vincent Van Gogh)

When we watch a master at work, we are in awe of their talents. Their actions seem to flow from the center of their being. It is as if there is no difference between the doer and that which is being enacted upon the field of play containing their masterpiece. A steady flow is in existence from the Heart of Creation to the realm of the material. True art is channeled through the soul from an inexplicable source.  Yet, if you ask someone who is in possession of such talent, they will likely tell you that the height of their skill was only attained through undergoing a massive transformation, a process of purification demanding of their full devotion and attention. It is a gift bestowed upon those worthy of becoming a vessel for its reception. Quite often the process involves hardship, lack of self esteem, a crisis of belief and long hours of frustration and restlessness. Raging passion is stirred to a frenzy, until the drive to create is impossible to ignore. Van Gogh, for instance, was often misunderstood for his intensity of spirit. He could not stay the flood of energy pouring forth from the depths of his being, nor be satisfied of its realisation. And most certainly, he questioned his sanity and sometimes saw his talent as a curse.

When the moment arises, we are each, on one level or another, asked to undergo the fires of the forge. The process is one of being purified of our negativity, molded by our own seeming failures to a state of perfection. We bear witness to a light at the end of the tunnel, yet lose heart at its propensity to continually seem further and further. We are tempted to cease our quest, yet find it impossible to do so. We experience the dark night of the soul, yet sometimes forget that the darkest hour always precedes the dawn.

Each of us an artist with our own unique palette, all the world’s a stage and we are merely players. We all have our share of drama and our comedy of errors. Out of insecurity, we sometimes forget our lines. Yet, when in character, the words just come naturally. True talent comes not from egotistical posturing, nor from hiding from our own innate gifts. It is realised from surrendering to the flow, exercising our will with ardour and abandon, becoming molded in the image of our soul, our robe dyed in the blood of our own heart ripped asunder with love and passion. Such is the stuff of true creativity, to see the canvas becoming filled before your very eyes, yet knowing not from whence arises the colour, or the brush. We all get there, eventually. Currently, the momentum is building for all of us.

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

On 13th November, 2012, we experience the opening of a doorway; a threshold upon the revelation of potential visible only to open eyes, ears and hearts. This comes in the form of a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio and the Lunar Mansion of Vishakha. To the extent of our resolve to undergo a powerful transformation comes the even greater realisation of the true potential at the core of our essence, itself connected to the heart of the cosmos and beating in harmony with the Universal Pulse. Patience, flexibility and an eagerness to learn are the tools that make us worthy of the gift offered to us. When the temptation arises to criticise your efforts, supplant it with self-reflection and analysis. Blame not yourself for your imperfections, allow them to fall away as needed. With equal measure, fall not prey to the desire to self-gratify, thereby thinking yourself fat with self-aggrandisement, nor belittle yourself into believing you are non-acceptable in the eyes and heart of the Universe that loves you. Know that you are in development now of something wondrous that shall someday arise from you effortlessly. Yet, do not allow that to cause you to succumb to lethargy. Understand that the sky has no limits, the only boundary in existence self-imposed. Soar to greater heights as you drop the shackles which bind you. A profound period of transformation approaches. Ecstasy lies in the passion of fervent devotion itself, so why would you wish to be satiated?

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