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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio November 2012 ~ Authentic Man Astrology Audiocast: From Whence Arises the Colour?

Creating a masterpiece of our existence warrants that we must follow our bliss past the Hounds of Hades, through the fires until we are purified of all that would block us from the core of our essence. Drunk with the love and passion for our purpose, we are unhindered by seeming obstacles as we understand them as the harbingers of pro-sperity. A profound portal of potential soon opens with a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on 13th November. Make yourself a living sacrifice upon the altar of your Conscious Existence![powerpress url=”https://michaelreedastrology.com/audiocasts/audiocast241012.flv”]

I can help you to not only discover, but also revel in your sanctity through a Telephone Consultation or one of my In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports.

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