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Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius November, 2011 – Cooperation and Resistance

Stormy Seas

Cooperation or resistance? It’s a choice that, on a spiritual level, we are making in each moment. With Self-Awareness we can know the right thing to do. In Selfishness, we resist and quite often move in a direction that does nothing but hinder progress. Yet seemingly, it is all an illusion. Those Selfish steps, somewhere down the line lead us to the bottom of a pit. Then, when we realise how far down we have fallen, we either resign ourselves to the calamity which has befallen us, or attempt to rectify our situation practically. Either way, there is a shift in awareness. So, why not be self-centered and think in terms of that which we want instead of that which may be better for us? Why not stew in our own self-pitying juices in a pool of apathetic slime? The Answer? The Path of Conscious Awareness and Cooperation brings us into alignment with Destiny. The other is fatalistic and disempowering.

Hence, we visit the current landscape on the planet. Growing numbers recognise that change is imminent. In wisdom, they ally their actions with the Forces focussed in fortitude and are thereby vitalised, empassioned and empowered. Yet, there are others who go kicking and screaming, clinging, until the bitter end, to the last vestiges of the illusion that threatens their demise. Their actions stall progress, yet cannot be sustained. Inevitably, the paradigm shifts.

So, the question faces humanity – continue in slavery to an illusion that frogmarches us to the Robotic Beat of Conformity? Or dare to be Unique, Diverse and Different? Do we desire a world where the Truth of each individual is drowned by Corporate Greed and enslaved by the Gods of Capitalistic Consumption? Or, do we strive to attain a level of awareness where Human Dignity is recognised regardless of its level of material acquisition? One where Human Worth has higher respect than a bank balance.

Eclipses are Cosmic Portals. Their effects are not always immediately realised, but instead are far reaching. Yet, in the moment that they occur, the threshold is crossed. On 25th November, 2011 GMT, there is a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. There are several concurrent celestial events that heighten the energy of this eclipse – a Grand Trine between Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, Mercury stationing retrograde, a trine between the Sun and Uranus, and a deepening trine between Saturn and Neptune.

Saturn is currently transiting the sign of Libra where it is exalted and thereby functioning optimally. It is passing through the Lunar Mansion of Chitra, where the focus is on actions that pour forth from the heart out of a desire for right action. In the process, the heart must be purified of selfish intent. Neptune is presently occupying the latter portion of Revolutionary, Radical and Altruistic Aquarius, and the Lunar Mansion of Dhanishtha. Dhanishtha’s energy honours the individual, and through connecting them to their essence, enables them to attain true Prosperity through alignment with the Individual Soul. Saturn and Neptune are harmonising with each other, supporting the Individual Spiritual Revolution as well as the Collective.

The day before the Solar Eclipse, Mercury, in Sagittarius, stations as it enters a reflective retrograde period. Quantum Evolutionary Leaps are supported. When a planet stations, its energy is extremely potent. Mercury will be transiting the Lunar Mansion of Jyeshtha, which it governs. Jyeshtha grants the ability to overcome restraints by enabling a more lucid understanding. It gives the potential to see the situation from a Higher Perspective.

Mars, Pluto and Jupiter will be involved in a harmonious Grand Trine already in effect and active for several weeks inclusive of the Eclipse Portal. A Garnd Trine is composed of three trine aspects. Mars forms a trine with both Jupiter and Pluto, as Jupiter and Pluto also form a trine. Mars has recently entered Analytical and Critical Virgo. It will be occupying the Lunar Mansion of Magha from now through the Eclipse Portal. Self-Analysis assists in the understanding of that which binds Humanity in encumbrance and enslavement. Self-Criticism can positively provide the momentum to shatter the shackles.

Pluto, in the sign of Practical Capricorn and the Lunar Mansion of Mula, has been the Harbinger of Painful Truths and a Liberating Awakening of Awareness of, and Righteous Anger at the Grand Hypnotists responsible for our previous Numbing Trance, in the shape of the Power Hungry and Money Mongers.

Jupiter, currently in Tenacious Taurus and the Lunar Mansion of Ashwini shows that we can understand the concepts of Security and Opulence as being both Self-Derivative and Self-Sustaining. They come from the Spiritual Essence inherent within each of us. In awakening to this and employing these tools to their greatest use, the previous paradigm may be shattered.

The Solar Eclipse occurs two days after an exactitude of a trine aspect between the Sun and Uranus. However, this aspect will still be in effect on the date of the Eclipse, meaning that the Solar Eclipse forms a trine with Uranus. This aspect is certain to spark Great Transformation as both the Eclipse and Uranus are in Fire Signs. The Sun and Moon, at the time of the Solar Eclipse are in Pioneering Sagittarius and the Lunar Mansion of Anuradha. A truly  Brave New World is possible in opposition to the scope of the Orwellian nightmare. Anuradha gives the ability to be True to Oneself whilst working in cooperation with others. This is something that serves each of us individually, and is also beneficial to Humanity and the Environment.

Uranus is in Apple Cart Toppling Aries. Ask the Money Changers of Biblical Time and the Hypocrites of the Modern Day…..”What would Jesus do?” You’ll be amazed at the awe and dumbstruck silence. Uranus is presently occupying the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, which brings refreshing and long deserved change beneficial to more than just the manipulative 1%. But first, we must be willing to weather the Storm.

Don your rain-gear, set a course through the Fog to Lighter Times. Let the Wind fill your Sails. Go with the flow of the Stormy Seas as the Winds of Change blow you safely home. Don’t deviate from your course in fear, nor in stubborness resist. Instead, remain Steadfast in the Truth.

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