Solar Eclipse in Gemini May 2012 – Paralysed with Opportunity

A powerful Solar Eclipse in Gemini will occur 21st May, 2012. This eclipse forms a tense aspect to Neptune in Pisces. A difficult choice must now be made. In at least one area of all of our lives, a delusion has continued for far too long. A deep truth must now be integrated. If we allow ourselves to be paralysed with fear, then we miss the opportunity of the moment. Through an acceptance of the Truth comes a potential for advancement. Eclipse cycles function as Portal Periods. There will always be at least one Solar and one Lunar Eclipse within two weeks of each other. This gateway is opened during this eclipse cycle with the Solar Eclipse, and will close with the Lunar Eclipse of 4th June. The two week period between is a profound time for Conscious Growth. To understand the impact of this intense Celestial Climate upon your Personal Astrology, I invite you to have a Telephone Consultation.

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