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Solar Eclipse in Gemini, June 2011 – Decision or Dilemma

A stranger knocks at your door, dressed in rags from head to toe. He’s hungry. Needs assistance. Do you invite him in? Or, do you turn him away? Is he a nuisance to you? Someone to be mistrusted? Or, a fellow human in need? Is his visit a bother? Or, is it an opportunity?

Aside from the obvious, I am trying to make a point. Things often are not as they appear. We are hasty to make judgements. And in doing so, we sometimes miss a golden opportunity. We see something to be a curse, when in actuality, it is a blessing; something from which we stand to gain, rather than lose. It is mainly a matter of perspective.

Currently we face a Global Crisis. As resources dwindle, there is a clamour for their control amongst the governments of the world. The Power Hungry, sensing their control slipping away from them, project their illness upon the Planet. As soon as the taxpayers begin to notice that their material comforts are no longer heartily available, they will revolt. And, the politicians know this. Hence, their manipulative clutching. And, to deepen the delusion, they claim that their aims in doing so are humanitarian, that they wish to aid the righteous, champion the underdog. Is no one seeing the root of the problem? Is there nowhere a selfless motive prompting action?

On 1st June, 2011 9:02 pm GMT, there is an exceptional Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Think of a stargate, a portal to another dimension. As you enter it, with an understanding of the situation at hand, the thoughts and actions that you choose to empower, influence the destination. Eclipses are portal periods. They always occur in pairs. Within two weeks of each other, there is both a Solar and a Lunar Eclipse, although not always in that order. The Solar Eclipse is always on a New Moon, and the Lunar Eclipse, a Full Moon. With the Solar Eclipse occurring in the Sign of the Twins, there is definitely a decision due. And intent is certain to have an impact.

What makes this eclipse so extraordinary? It forms a harmonious aspect with Saturn in Libra. Saturn, continuing in its cycle of retrogradation, is also transiting the lunar mansion of Hasta, symbolised by a hand. Saturn, the Lord of Limitation, exudes a tempering influence in the sign of Libra. It’s passage through Hasta enables self-control, which in turn can lead to the realisation of goals. The Sun and the Moon, aligning in the lunar mansion of Rohini, bring growth. The choice to continue the course of destruction based on selfish greed is something that can build in intensity. Or, the choice can be made towards conservation. In so doing, Nature’s Bounty is preserved.

Adding to the depth, setting the pulse of this Celestial Symphony, there is an applying tense aspect between revolutionary and random Uranus, and deep and enigmatic Pluto. This aspect is known as a square. It represents both a challenge, and an opportunity. Uranus, residing in the sign of Aries for approximately the next seven years, is currently occupying the sector of that sign represented by the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada. Aries is highly active and passionate. No planet likes to overturn the apple cart as much as Uranus. And the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada? It too is stormy, yet beneficial in bringing balance and refreshing change. Pluto, presently in Capricorn, is bringing humility to those who thrive on ego. It is shifting the balance of power towards the people and away from the politicians. Pluto has recently regressed, in retrograde motion, back into the lunar mansion of Mula. Mula occupies the same sector of the heavens as the Galactic Core. It should come as no surprise, then, that its energy creates dissolution to penetrate to the very root, and therein find meaning. It likes to solve problems from their foundation. But, much like Pluto, it will continue to create intensity until that foundation is discovered. The lesson is that humanity can continue to create its own demise though a cycle of Selfish Consumption of Resources, fueling Greed until there is nothing, and no one, else to feed upon. At that point, there will be balance as all will be suffering. Or, it can choose a more Conscious direction, as proposed by the eclipse; exploring the path of selflessness and sharing, conserving resources and finding alternatives.

It is high time for discrimination and discernment to guide us towards a better way. Is that a knock that I hear? The beggar at the door once lived a life of luxury. He is your fellow man. He has pearls to shower upon you in exchange for a crust of bread. He is a king in sackcloth. His suffering has paid for his crown, not his millions, which have diminished.  His wealth, his wisdom are bought with experience. His newly gained humility his earthly throne. He has confronted his selfishness. There was no other choice. Will you regard him with respect? Or dismiss him with a dirty glance? Do you hoard what you have, and thereby lose your soul? Or recognise that all that you have is but borrowed  for a brief moment, and must one day be returned to the Great Harvester? In choosing the Path of Consciousness, the world, and its bounty, are gained.

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