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Solar Eclipse in Cancer – The Return Home

authenticsignEclipses are cosmically and spiritually designed to shift us from one state of being into another, both individually and collectively. By their very nature, they create unrest, intensity and insecurity. This is necessary for change to take place. Speaking for myself, this recent period of time has brought much uncertainty coupled with a lot of pressure. Of course the temptation has been there to run, hiding and screaming. Instead, I’m deciding to channel it into doing a bit of soul searching and towards creating movement.

Astrologically, this eclipse period has been even more intense, due to the recent Lunar Eclipse coinciding with a Grand Cross and the appearance of a comet, a cosmic messenger. We are now approaching a Solar Eclipse in the tropical sign of Cancer that brings the possibility of new hope. But, effort and awareness are required in order to take advantage of this potential.

The pressure is on with this eclipse as well. Uranus will station in the sky this week on 5th July, 2010 GMT in its shift towards retrograde motion. As it does so it will speed up in its approach to an opposition with Saturn, which becomes exact on 26th July. This is the last in a series of Saturn-Uranus oppositions for the next 46 years. The potency of this energy has been purposeful in consigning the old ways to the dustbin and heralding in newness. But, to call the process comfortable would be a falsehood. Any overthrow is preceded by discontent.

In addition, tension is continuing to apply in a T-square, formed by the remnant of the planets connected with the recent Grand Cross. Massive planetary changes are connected with this aspect.

The Solar Eclipse becomes exact at 8:40 pm GMT on 11th July. It takes place in the lunar mansion of Punarvasu. Rehabilitation and the gaining of substance are the key energies connected to the nakshatra of Punarvasu. Punarvasu means “the return to goodness”. To gain a deeper understanding of the personal impact of this eclipse, ask yourself the following. What is returning to your life? Also, what is already in your life that has withstood the test of time? There are some things which we are meant to release. They restrict our growth. Then there are others that are an inherent part of our soul’s path. If you look deeply enough, you will gain an understanding of what these are.

On the global scale, the astrological energy is supportive of deepening an understanding of what it means to be human. It marks an opportunity to discover the purity of our essence and the strength of our heart. The Universe is a living organism, as we are ourselves. In tuning into this symbiosis, the planet can return to a better state of health, and we can begin to thrive in harmony with our own nature, and with Nature itself.

This eclipse occurs on the same day as a harmonious aspect between Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter will be in the sign of Aries and the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, whilst Mercury will have entered the sign of Leo and the lunar mansion of Pushya. In order for balance to be restored, action must be taken. We must be willing to sacrifice our selfishness, driven by ego and control. Our selfishness is a by-product of our insecurity. Fear clouds the soul. Materialism is humanity’s demise. It is built upon the illusion that we have chosen for ourselves – that of separation from our true nature. As a result, we have set about destroying the planet, seeing it as a separate entity, rather than understanding our interrelatedness.

There is presently a profound opportunity in development to gain a deeper sense of self-acceptance, to understand more profoundly who we are, and also who we have been all along, but have perhaps denied. From this space of clarity, it is only natural that we then understand with greater lucidity our purpose and begin to fulfil our destiny. But this does not come to the lazy, ignorant and superficial. It comes to those who are passionate for conscious awareness and authenticity, those who are not afraid to weed out their own negativity and contribute to growth, evolution and healing.

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