Scorpio Solar Eclipse ~ The Irresistible Truth

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

An undeniable impulse now begins to surface, beckoning forward on the road to progress. We cannot evolve by clinging to the past. On 13th November, we will experience a Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Scorpio and the Lunar Mansion of Vishakha. I hope that you will consider tuning in tonight (Thursday) at 9 pm PDT US time for another edition of Astrology is Live!, Authentic Astrology Radio’s Live Call-In program as I will discuss the profundity of the Scorpio Solar Eclipse in further detail. You can listen in, and call in through the player on this page. I look forward to connecting with you! – AM

Authentic Man is a Vedic and Western Astrologer, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and an Interfaith Minister. To read more about him and his approach to his work, please read the section About Authentic Man

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