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Saturn Trine Neptune October 2012 ~ Structured ‘Simplicity’

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

Have you ever stopped to think about how complex our lives are? We become immersed in IPhones, SUVs and petroleum products, thinking that the latest and greatest will make our lives simpler. Using an SUV, we are sure that we can fit more stuff in and thereby accomplish more. Our IPhone can provide the soundtrack for our lives and also give us directions to our destination. And if we run out of gas? Well, just go to the pump and put more in. No cash in your wallet? That needn’t concern you. Put it on your credit card. After all, the details are stored on your IPhone and in many places these days you can even use your phone as a payment system. Ahhhhh, the sweet life!!! Until one day, whilst driving your children and useless clutter around, talking on your mobile phone in your SUV, you look down at your gas gauge. A pedestrian suddenly enters the intersection. You don’t notice him until the last moment. You slam on the brakes and lose your temper at him. But, who really is at fault here? In that one moment, do you have an epiphany? Or, remain brain-dead? Engaged in all of your technology, you have come dangerously close to destroying another life that was going about its day in a simplistic manner. In trying to make your life easier, you have nearly destroyed simplicity.

We think that we cannot exist without all of the crutches which we have created. Yet, we are continuing at a pace that, if not halted, will let us know in no uncertain terms that our very existence will not continue unless we learn to ‘live simply that others may simply live.’ Through the current challenges we face on a global scale, the Universe is conspiring to bring us a rather timely lesson. Our evolutionary pace is being quickened. And, growing numbers are beginning to meet it with awareness. Yet many continue the avaricious path of mass consumption, aware of only their own seeming need for self-gratification at all costs.

On 11th October, 2012; Saturn reaches a point of exactitude in its harmonious angle with Neptune known as a trine. This aspect will also be revisited twice more in the summer of 2013. Bolstering the potency of this angle is the fact that both planets will additionally be forming a harmonious angle with Pluto.

Only several days before its trine with Neptune, Saturn will enter the sign of Scorpio, culminating its cycle in the sign of Libra over the last couple of years. Saturn in Scorpio will be also be newly arrived in the Lunar Mansion of Swati. With Saturn in Swati, the danger exists of the increased pursuit of material gain to the detriment of our environment. This Lunar Mansion, when blinded by the veil of ignorance, promotes self-centered action. Already, as resources dwindle, they are being continually pursued and hoarded at a blinding rate, bringing us to the brink of global warfare. But, Swati also has a more positive side. It is independent and restless by nature. We can choose now to say no to the very same entities we currently say yes to and thereby break the chains of enslavement to corporacracy.

Neptune is now in Pisces, a place of power for this dreamy planet. In its present position, it is passing through the Lunar Mansion of Shatabhisha. Will humanity continue to live in the delusion that it is the lord of all it surveys to the extent that its domain becomes exhausted? Shatabhisha presents a healing crisis, leading to the potential for awakening. And with the dawning of the New Awareness, comes the difficult task for the enlightened of both envisioning and striving for a better way in a world currently lost in the illusion of mass consumption.

Both Saturn and Neptune will also be forming a sextile with Pluto. These three planets will be intermittently involved in an intense relationship with each other until December of 2013, when Saturn moves on from its angle with the Lord of the Underworld. The first point of exactitude between either Saturn or Neptune to Pluto comes from Saturn on 27th December of this year. Pluto is currently in the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, whilst Saturn will soon be in Scorpio; ruled by Pluto. This makes the interaction between these two planets exceptionally intense. Pluto is currently in the Lunar Mansion of Purva Ashadha. If we continue in our egoism, it is certain to continue to slap us in the face until we develop the mindfulness to come to our senses. Purva Ashadha ensures that the layers of superficiality are peeled away. And Pluto is also no stranger to this process of enforced humility. Although seemingly harsh to confront, the reason for seeming ‘punishment’ is to arouse the dormant potential to which we have, over centuries, become blinded. We can choose to either be the harbingers of not only our own destruction, but also that of others and also potentially the planet’s demise; or, we can be the pioneers of a New Way.

At the core of our essence is purity, but we have all become products. In our hearts, there is innocence, but we have become guilty of the vilest of crimes. The world continues to turn, animals exist simply. Yet we set ourselves apart from it all, thinking we should make a better way for ourselves at the demise of others. We are making a rod for our own back. The Universe in which we live exists in a state of perfect prosperity, yet we sow discord. We turn away its nourishment, and then complain that we are hungry. It fulfills our every need, but we are burning with the voracious desire to consume more than our fair share. When we can never be satisfied, how can we be happy?

In simplicity, lies contentment.

Where in your life may you be over-complicating matters and missing the wonder of life in its simplicity? Where are you holding yourself in bonds where the fetters could now be loosened to pursue the dreams that you can most deeply imagine? The present Saturn-Neptune Trine poses this question to each of us. For a deeper understanding of this profound alignment as it impacts upon your Complete Personal Astrology, please consider a Telephone Consultation.

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