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Saturn Stations Retrograde February 2012 – The Double-Edged Sword

Saturn and Neptune

True Freedom can only come through deepening of Conscious Awareness. Life provides challenges, tests of our character. It is like a forge with an intense heat through which both the firmness and malleability of a rare and precious metal are tested. And, once the fires are endured, that which emerges is sharp enough to cut through the morass of ignorance and delusion in one fell swoop.

Rock solid vigilance requires patience and dedication. But too quickly, that which is one moment a virtue can turn to vice. Just as consciousness is ever evolving, that which serves us in one moment can become a hindrance to progress the next. A willingness to be supple is equally as important as steadfastness.

Humanity is facing trying times. War is within each mind and tries the courage of each heart. Standards which previously were paramount are no longer relevant. It is time to let go and move on, both on the collective scale and the individual for the two are inextricably entwined. Yet, we are simultaneously being asked to identify and live a new code of ethics without creating a structure which may quickly become dogmatic and detrimental to future growth.

On 7th February 2007, Saturn enters into its last cycle of retrogradation in Libra before it ventures into Scorpio later on in the year. As Saturn stations, it will be forming two angles, one harmonious and the other tense with both Neptune and Venus.

Saturn is presently in the Lunar Mansion of Chitra, concerned with acts of righteousness dedicated to the purification of the soul and resolution of karma. Saturn, a few days prior to its station retrograde, creates a concordant trine aspect with Neptune,  which although not exact is still very potent. Neptune, at that time having recently entered the sign of Pisces, will be transiting the latter portion of the Lunar Mansion of Dhanishtha, offering insight and understanding that transcends the ego and sheds light on the interconnectedness of all beings and the Earth. The very fibre of our existence is so intricately interwoven. Maintaining the integrity of this symbiosis is essential to survival. Yet, we are each so vastly different that to find a way that honours both our interdependence and independence seems impossible.

On the same day as Saturn’s station, Venus in Pisces aspects it in an intense manner by forming an angle known as a quincunx. Venus is passing through the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, indicating a desire to protect and defend that which is dear to us. But change is necessary and in order for a fresh breeze to blow away that which has become stagnant, it can be important to learn the lesson of showing respect by relinquishing rather than trying to shelter and safeguard.  At times we may steel our grip so intensely that no movement is possible, threatening not only our own freedom, but also that of others. What good is an ideology that isolates? Or a belief that sets one person above another? Or a philosophy that allows many to starve whilst others become gluttonous?

The Human Race is faced with the fact that its existence is a double edged sword, a threat not only to itself but also injurious to the planet through its apathy. Yet, the crisis with which it is faced also holds a profound opportunity for a quantum evolutionary leap. No man, woman or any other being for that matter is an island. True, we each have a right to sovereignty, but with that comes responsibility to the domain in which we exist and respect for the rights of Earth’s other inhabitants. We are involved in a Cosmic Play, the magnitude of which has previously been beyond our scope of awareness. Yet with each moment, we are being presented with a glimpse of the wonder of it all.

The choice between reverence or indifference is exclusively ours.

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