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Saturn Sextile Pluto December 2012 ~ The Breaking Point


If you watch small children, you will notice that at a certain point in their development, upon sensing restriction, they will press against the boundaries placed upon them in order to understand what results they will get. Although they are quite aware that they are doing something which they shouldn’t, they continue to do so, looking to see if the reaction will change based upon the circumstances. It is their way of exploring their power and potential. We each go through such a phase of our existence. After all, we were all once children. Yet, to a certain degree, can it not be that we carry this tendency with us into adulthood? Are there not some of us who continually push against the boundaries to test their malleability? Will they budge if we push hard enough?

We live in a world of seeming duality. It is an integral part of our experience of Consciousness in a human form. For everything there is an opposite. Pleasure has its pain. Darkness as its nemesis has Light. Not aware fully of our own potential, we need challenge in order to understand its depths and yes, its borders. Yet these walls impinging upon our awareness, although tangible, have a seemingly illusory quality to them, difficult to explain. It is as if, inside of ourselves, we know that if we reach a degree of awareness we will find the one tiny crack in the wall which, with the appropriate leverage, will bring the whole thing tumbling down.

We are all here in one great School of Consciousness. There are students and there are teachers. And the teachers are students as well. Pardon the pun, but yes, there are the flunkies. But, the worst part of all are the playground bullies. If you study the psychology of human interaction, it becomes plain to see that every bully was at one time also a victim. Their feelings of pain at their vulnerability too much to face, they play their drama out upon others so that they can feel powerful.

So, it is true that to a certain degree, we never grow up. But, there is one thing which separates our actions from those of children. A child’s actions are not founded upon premeditation. They act out of innocence and a desire to understand the world which surrounds them. Certainly, you could argue that this is the case once we reach adulthood as well. But, when you know in conscious awareness that the basis of your actions are hate, greed or envy should you not, at the very least, reflect upon your actions? And if you should, upon self-analysis, find yourself in the wrong; should you not alter your course? Pressing against the boundaries which restrict your liberation is one thing, pushing against somebody else in a manner which oppresses their freedom is quite another. Attempting to topple the wall which separates you from the personal dignity which should be an inherent right of every individual is a righteous pursuit. Ignoring or easing regulation which supports your pursuit of capital at the expense of others and at the demise of the environment is another matter all together.

On 27th December, 2012, Saturn becomes exact in a harmonious angle with Pluto. This same aspect will be revisited twice more within the year of 2013. The word harmonious can be somewhat misleading. To say that the effect of this alignment will feel easy is questionable. But, to express that these two planets will be working powerfully together to create a powerful transformation is absolutely valid. Bolstering the potency of this alignment is the fact that Pluto is currently transiting Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn, in turn, is passing through Scorpio, which is governed by Pluto.

Both Saturn and Pluto obstruct in order to bestow their gifts to consciousness. They have the propensity to take us to some very deep and sometimes dark realms of existence. They bring us face to face with negativity and ignorance. But, they also provide the opportunity to deepen awareness and triumph over these very same factors. We always have a choice to cooperate with the forces of Consciousness rather than to ignore their revelations.

Saturn, at the time of exactitude of angle in December, will be transiting the Lunar Mansion of Swati. With Saturn in this section of the sky, there is the risk of acts of selfishness coming to the forefront of the world stage as the hunger for resources deepens. Sensing that their time of avaricious pursuits and totalitarian power could reach an end, those who profit from control and manipulation could up the ante, seeing how far they can go. But, for those who hunger for freedom and change towards a more globally encompassing vision of existence, this is also a deeply powerful time for pushing against the barriers that restrict and imprison.

Pluto is transiting the Lunar Mansion of Purva Ashadha.  This sector of the Zodiac invigorates and strengthens. It exacerbates the more egotistical actions of humanity, bringing them to the surface so that they can be confronted. It separates the wheat from the chaff on every level of existence. Towards negative ends….power corrupts, but absolute power absolutely corrupts. Yet, if we choose the path of awareness, we can face negativity with humility and with a true desire for transformation. For those who favour justice, Purva Ashadha bestows the mantle of purity and strength. For the oppressors, it is a slap in the face of ego.

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

As we approach the end of 2012, humanity is reaching a breaking point. The Dark and the Light are both intensifying. The lines are being drawn, trenches dug and bastions built. The balance could tip in either direction, towards emancipation and awareness, or towards cataclysm and destruction. The battle is fought within each and every one of us. The truce must be declared with our own individual souls for there to be lasting peace. Nature must be healed, not exploited. And our brothers, sisters and children respected, not abused and destroyed.

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